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The Truth about the Bible

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What is the Bible?

Is the Bible really the Word of God?

Is the Bible just mythology? How can I know?

How do we know the Bible is not just a fairy tale?

Did the Bible copy other religious myths, legends, and traditions?

How do we know which book - The Bible, the Apocrypha, the Qur'an, the Book of Mormon, etc. - is the Word of God?

How is the Bible inspired? What does it mean for the Bible to be inspired?

Are the translations of the Bible inspired?

What proof do we have for the inspiration of the Bible?

What theories are there of biblical inspiration?

What is Verbal Plenary Inspiration?

Are there errors in the Bible?

Are only the original manuscripts of the Bible inerrant?

Is belief that the Bible is inerrant a requirement to be saved?

Does the translation process affect the inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility of the Bible?

What is the canon of the Bible and how did we get it?

The canon of Scripture - What is it?

What determines canonicity or that a particular book is considered scriptural? How do we decide which books belong in the Bible since the Bible doesn't tell us?

What is the preservation of the Bible? Is the doctrine of preservation biblical?

Could more books be added to the Bible?

When were the books of the Bible divided into chapters and verses? Who did the dividing?

Why isn't the Bible chronological? How are the books of the Bible arranged?

Why are there so many Bible translations?

What are the different English Bible translations?

What Bible translation should I use?

Why are verses missing in some of the newer translations of the Bible?

The Comma Johanneum – What is it? What is the original wording of 1 John 5:7-8?

Does the Bible have different names and titles?

Why do people refer to the Bible as the Holy Bible?

I want to start reading the Bible. Where should I begin?

Why is the Bible hard to understand?

Why does understanding the Bible matter?

Why should we study the Bible?

What does sola scriptura mean?

What is meant by the sufficiency of Scripture? How is the Bible sufficient?

Is the Bible still relevant today?

Applying the Bible – How can I do it in my life?

Which parts of the Bible apply to us today? How can we know?

Is there a proper way to study the Bible?

How do exegesis and eisegesis differ?

What principles are used in biblical exegesis?

Why is context so important in studying the Bible? What is wrong with looking at verses out of context?

Is Bible memorization important? Why?

What is biblical illumination?

Biblical hermeneutics – What is it?

What are some good Bible study methods?

Is group Bible study worthwhile?

Inductive Bible study – What is it?

How can knowing Greek and Hebrew be helpful when studying the Bible?

Should the Bible be interpreted literally?

Are Bible miracles literal events?

What is the basic timeline of the New Testament?

What is the basic timeline of the Old Testament?

What are the differences between the Old and New Testaments?

Why should we read the Old Testament?

Why is knowing about the various characters in the Bible important?

What is the importance of genealogies in the Bible?

What is the Story of The Law Books in the Old Testament?

What is the Story of the History Books in the Old Testament?

What is the Story of Kings and Chronicles?

What is the Pentateuch?

What is the Jewish Talmud?

What is the Mishnah?

What is the Midrash?

The Septuagint – What is it?

Has the Bible been corrupted, changed, or tampered with?

When were the Gospels written?

Why are there four Gospels instead of one?

Do the four Gospels present a different message of salvation than the rest of the New Testament?

What is the meaning of God-breathed in reference to the Bible?

The rhema word – What is it?

Is God/the Bible sexist?

Does the original Bible exist today? What are some of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible currently in existence?

Form criticism – What is it?

Redaction criticism and higher criticism – What are they?

Source criticism – What is it?

What is textual criticism?

Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus – What are they?

The Critical Text – What is it?

The Dead Sea Scrolls - What are they and why do they matter?

The Latin Vulgate Bible – What is it?

The Majority Text – What is it?

The Masoretic Text – What is it?

The Textus Receptus – What is it?

The documentary hypothesis – What is it?

JEDP Theory - What is it?

What is the Synoptic Problem?

Is there harmony in the Gospels? What is the harmony of the Gospels?

The Q Gospel – What is it? If there was a Q Gospel would that make the Synoptic Gospels less valid?

What methods help us figure out when the books of the Bible were written?

Is it important to believe in biblical inerrancy? Why?

How does the Bible use symbolism?

Biblical typology – What is it?

Are colors in the Bible significant?

The beatitudes – What are they?

What are some things people commonly think are in the Bible that really aren't?

What is the KJV only movement? Should we only use the King James Version of the Bible?

Is it okay to use a paraphrase of the Bible?

Were there different authors of the books of the Bible? Who were the authors?

What are the Major Prophets in the Bible? What are the Minor Prophets?

The Pauline Epistles - What are they?

The Prison Epistles - What are they?

The Pastoral Epistles - What are they?

Should we accept the writings of the Apostle Paul as inspired (see 1 Corinthians 7:12)?

What are the Catholic Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical books?

Are there lost books of the Bible? What are the writings called the Lost Books of the Bible?

What was the find at Nag Hammadi? What are the Nag Hammadi scrolls?

The Pseudepigrapha – What are they?

The Book of Baruch – What is it?

The Letter of Jeremiah – What is it?

Is the Book of Enoch inspired writing? Should the Book of Enoch be in the Bible?

The Book of Jasher - What is it? Should the Book of Jasher be in the Bible?

The Book of Jubilees - What is it? Should the Book of Jubilees be in the Bible?

The Book of Judith – What is it?

The Book of Susanna – What is it?

The Book of Tobit – What is it?

The books of 1 and 2 Esdras – What are they?

The books of 1 and 2 Maccabees – What are they?

The Prayer of Manasseh – What is it?

The Shepherd of Hermas – What is it? Should the Shepherd of Hermas be in the Bible?

The Wisdom of Sirach / Book of Ecclesiasticus – What is it?

The Wisdom of Solomon – What is it?

The Gnostic gospels – What are they?

The Gospel of Barnabas – What is it?

The Gospel of Judas – What is it?

The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) – What is it?

The Gospel of Philip – What is it?

The Gospel of Thomas – What is it?

The Apocalypse of Peter – What is it?

The Pistis Sophia – What is it?

What are Bible codes? Is there any validity to them?

Are there esoteric keys to the Bible?

Biblical numerology – What is it?

What is the right way to handle capitalizing pronouns that refer to God?

Should we read other books, or just the Bible?

Bibliolatry – What is it?

The Green Bible – What is it?

Were Mark 16:9-20 added to the Bible by scribes? Should Mark 16:9-20 be in the Bible?

Is the warning in Revelation 22:18-19 about the entire Bible or just the book of Revelation?

Before the Bible, how did people know about God?

What is the aim of the Skeptics' Annotated Bible website? What is the Skeptics' Annotated Bible?

What is a benediction? What are some of the benedictions in the Bible?

How should one dispose of a ruined Bible?

Why is there confusion about the Bible and what it teaches?

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